Import Reference Indexes
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Import Markers is a useful feature for desktop screen recording. EverCam automatically creates reference indexes for your screen activities while recording. The markers are named by the titles of the window you viewed, for example, Internet Explorer, Word, etc. You can import these markers after recording. 
Importing markers is easy. First, on the EverCam menu, click Edit Presentation.
Click Import Reference Indexes
Select the markers you would like to import. And click Import.
You can also filter the markers by the following:
Duration – The default is 5 seconds. This can help you filter the activities that were too short and insignificant. 
Keywords – You can enter a keyword to search for a specific window, for example, ‘Google Chrome’.
Customized filter type – You can customized a set of keywords.
Because it takes a little time for the screen to follow up when the user moves to a different window, there will be a very small gap between the marker and the actual timing of the screen activity. You can adjust the marker by using Next Frame & Previous Frame to find the nearest screen activity. In the final step, you'll rename the marker. Please see Split Slide Clip for detailed instructions.
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