Adjust Volume
觀看次數: 2153, 發布於 2014-06-13 by EverCam FormosaSoft
You can adjust volume for the entire project or for a part of a clip after the recording.
To adjust volume for the entire project
On the EverCam menu, click Edit Presentation. The SetVolume option is available on the lower-right corner.
To adjust volume for a part of a slide clip
  1. Click EverCam menu > Advanced > Audio Editor.
  2. Select the entire audio track, or split the track into sections.
  3. Click 5d7526ef44e1f21d96cc654f5276a90b.png or 81d987a4990d56ee1d56f52a641cb799.png to volume up or down, or right click to Set Volume.
  4. When you're finished, click Save. (You cannot undo the changes after you save)
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