Audio Editor
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EverCam Audio Editor offers advanced features to help you work with audio files after the recording. Advanced features include Import Audio, Record Audio, Volume Up, Volume Down, etc.
Replace Audio
  1. To set a starting point, left click on the Timeline or drag and move the red playhead.
  2. Click  6ac8fb4f4e414899e7eeceaf143d0b45.png  to record a new audio track or click 966814b7c7ede6468dff334ab6b5d993.png to import an audio file. The new audio will be added to the Re-recording Track.
  3. Click Save and the original audio track will be replaced with the new audio track.
Replace & Delete the Unwanted Part
  1. Find a point to split
  2. Right click on the sound track and click Split to split into two sections
  3. Cut out the unwanted part and click Delete.
  4. To replace the deleted audio, follow the instructions in the previous step.
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