Show the Original Cursor
觀看次數: 2154, 發布於 2014-06-16 by EverCam FormosaSoft
Helping users to see important points has been a helpful feature of EverCam. EverCam uses a larger-than-normal Pencil Cursor to help the presenters highlight their important points during presentations.

However, in some instances, the presenter may prefer to use the original cursor. For example, in demonstrating CAD or graphic design software. Therefore, EverCam allows users to change their choice of cursor after the presentations.
Set default cursor
On the EverCam menu, click Edit Presentation. Click  740ef6ca8a85473099398f485b032cee.png (switch default / real cursor).
You can click Setting to change cursor image.
Change Cursor while viewing the video
While viewing the video, click  f499c3769802da10a3067f04f7502ef5.png /  5be1bbaf95a3145c210defb47696ea5e.png on the toolbar to change the cursor.
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