Record a Specific Area
觀看次數: 2288, 發布於 2014-06-17 by EverCam FormosaSoft
EverCam allows users to record a specific area of the screen or a specific window. To launch EverCam, double-click the EverCam shortcut on the desktop or open an existing project by double-clicking project.ecm in a project folder.
On the EverCam toolbar, click Region Setting.
Select the monitor you would like to record.
Select the Region option. Click and drag the border of the red rectangular area to specify a record area. You can also click and drag ed487db8e5490fc4c0c85d54a8d60e55.png  to move the red rectangular area. You can also specify the record area by entering the values in X, Y, Width and Height in the Area Setting dialog box.
Click the Record button or press F12 to start recording. Also see Record Your Screen.
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