Publish to Other File Formats
觀看次數: 2258, 發布於 2014-06-17 by EverCam FormosaSoft
EverCam allows you to publish your projects to different file formats, including:
  1.  .mp4
  2.  .mp3
  3.  .fsp (EverCam 7 format, by ActiveX technology only supported in 32 bit Internet Explorer)
The new published project will be saved in the same directory as where the original project was saved.
To publish to a different file format, on the EverCam menu, click Publish To.
The published file supports multiple browsers (eg. IE, Chrome) and devices (eg. smartphones, tablets).
MP3 is the standard audio format which all mobile devices support.
.fsp (EverCam 7 format, IE compatible only)
Once you click the EverCam 7 format, you will have a .fsp file in your computer.
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