Change Frame Rate & Audio Quality
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EverCam allows users to change the frame rate and audio quality. You can take advantage of these features to develop a video more suitable to your instructional needs.
First, on the EverCam menu, click Configure. Change the settings in the lower-left corner.
Frame Rates
  • High frame rate is suitable for recording presentations with embedded video or for demonstrating graphic design software. The result will be a larger file, but will appear smoother and more realistic.
  • Medium frame rate is the default and suitable for recording most software, websites, and presentations.
  • Low frame rate is suitable for a low-bandwidth environment but the results will appear less smooth.
Audio Quality (audio quality choice cannot be changed once the project has been recorded)
  • Best – 96kbps
  • Better – 64kbps
  • Normal – default, 32kbps
Please keep in mind that better audio quality results in a larger file and requires greater bandwidth.
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